Print Local

Submissions are rolling in and artists are looking to start the printing process, we have a few tips to help you out.

First, get your files prepped and ready with crops, bleeds, and other industry jargon. Then give it a nifty name like This will help our lovely local printers, so they don't go crazy when they get 10 separate files identically named

Second, select a printer. We have supplied you with two awesome local printers and two out-of-town options (just in case).

NOTE: Make sure you give yourself enough time to have the posters printed so you don't pay rush fees and saves you on stress (and us.)


Shout Out Loud Prints is a local screen print show located by Grandview Ave. and SR-33. They do great work with a quick turnaround. They can also do apparel and band merchandise. Check out their Poster Price Chart for more information.

Igloo Letterpress is a local letterpress shop in Worthington. They do remarkable print work and offer a great selection of paper and custom work. They are also looking to expand! Check out their Kicker Starter Page and help spread the art-loving word.

Below is Igloo Letterpress' print guidelines for Pinchflat Artist. Aren't they helpful? :)



The Half & Half - Fine printers out of Columbia, SC (close to Columbus is spelling but not in location)

Mama's Sauce - Fine printers out of Orlando, FL (not in Disney)

And of course if you have questions, give a good hard think, and if you still cannot figure it out, CONTACT the Pinchflat Team.

Extended Deadlines, Exciting Developments

Based on feedback from past and prospective artists, we've decided to extend the final submission deadline to April 1. And that is no joke, folks. Artists have four extra weeks to finalize designs and send them our way.

We originally shared a concept submission deadline of March 1. This timeline was created to provide enough time to sort through design concepts and allot for printing needs. Sometimes life catches up though and everyone can use extra time once in a while.

The final deadline for artist participation in Pinchflat 2015 will be April 1st.

Make sure you complete the application on our Submit page and shoot us your design in an attachment email to

Mapping Out What's Next

In the next two months we'll release the official event artwork (fliers galore), give the site a mini facelift, share some exciting raffle news, and gear up for the big weekend in May. 

Already submitted and curious about what's next? Keep your eyes on @pinchflatcols and our Facebook page for updates.