Print Local

Submissions are rolling in and artists are looking to start the printing process, we have a few tips to help you out.

First, get your files prepped and ready with crops, bleeds, and other industry jargon. Then give it a nifty name like This will help our lovely local printers, so they don't go crazy when they get 10 separate files identically named

Second, select a printer. We have supplied you with two awesome local printers and two out-of-town options (just in case).

NOTE: Make sure you give yourself enough time to have the posters printed so you don't pay rush fees and saves you on stress (and us.)


Shout Out Loud Prints is a local screen print show located by Grandview Ave. and SR-33. They do great work with a quick turnaround. They can also do apparel and band merchandise. Check out their Poster Price Chart for more information.

Igloo Letterpress is a local letterpress shop in Worthington. They do remarkable print work and offer a great selection of paper and custom work. They are also looking to expand! Check out their Kicker Starter Page and help spread the art-loving word.

Below is Igloo Letterpress' print guidelines for Pinchflat Artist. Aren't they helpful? :)



The Half & Half - Fine printers out of Columbia, SC (close to Columbus is spelling but not in location)

Mama's Sauce - Fine printers out of Orlando, FL (not in Disney)

And of course if you have questions, give a good hard think, and if you still cannot figure it out, CONTACT the Pinchflat Team.